Political system in easy to read and understand language (FALC)

Pedagogical material to accompany a training on the political system in FALC


Type of project: Prototype

Disabilities concerned: Autism and pervasive developmental disorders, Mental disability, Psychological disability

Topics: Education, Responsibilities, Citizenship

Status: Completed


The aim is to adapt the training material on the FALC policy system for people with a greater intellectual disability and to train a co-instructor with a disability to run it.


Context: Following the vote of 29.11.2020 restoring the right to vote in Geneva for all persons with general curatorship, ASA-HM created a training course on the political system and the exercise of the right to vote in FALC. The training sessions highlighted the heterogeneity among the participants, some of whom had difficulty understanding and appropriating the concepts addressed. The material therefore had to be adapted to meet their difficulties.

Issue: Political system theory is complex even for people without cognitive difficulties, so it is all the more important to include people with learning difficulties in the co-creation of an accessible training course on the subject.

Project objectives: To adapt the training material for people with greater disabilities and to train a co-instructor with a disability to deliver it.
Proposals for adjustments to the material:

  • Teaching kit adapted for people with moderate to profound ID and therefore with greater difficulties in understanding and/or not having access to reading.
  • Platform with FALC explanations on the Geneva votes;
  • Training materials corresponding to the situations in the various French-speaking cantons.
  • Educational content to train people concerned to become co-instructors themselves.

Results obtained :

  • Updating of training booklets according to the first two training tests.
  • Opening of a space on the ASA-HM FALC website to add the FALC translations of the Geneva votes and addition of the PwP of a vote.
  • Creation of part of the training materials for the 4 French-speaking cantons (JU, VS, NE, VD) by finding 18 articles on current events and translation of the summaries into FALC.
  • Production of 2 videos.
  • Preparation for the training with the future co-instructor (distribution of theoretical presentations and animations, preparation with a scenario for the video that serves as a support for the training). The first training session conducted in pairs will take place in 4 times on November 30 and on December 7, 9 and 14, 2022.
  • The actual training package will be developed later on the basis of the assessment made after this year-end training.
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Anne-Sophie Kupper


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