Organisation Chart

The organizational chart of the FRH is described in the text below

The Foundation Board is the supreme body of the FRH. An executive office consisting of board members and employees of the FRH manages the circle of friends, the support group, the scientific committee and the committee of experts.

The Living Lab for Special Needs is attached to the FRH. The Living Lab for Special Needs manages its own projects.

The Foundation Board

The FRH is managed by a Foundation Board of at least five members, its role is to define the strategic vision of the Foundation.

The Scientific Commission

The FRH has a scientific commission that evaluates the feasibility and scientific relevance of the projects submitted.

The experts commission

The experts commission is composed of people working in the field of disability or themselves concerned by disability; these people are solicited on specific subjects related to the relevant projects developed by the FRH.

The support group

The support group supports all the foundation’s efforts to obtain funding for its own activities and the implementation of its projects.

The circle of friends

The circle of Friends of the FRH is composed of donors who support the various projects of the foundation.

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