La Wallace


Disabilities concerned: Mental disability, motor disability, multiple disability

Topics: Housing, interpersonal relations, nutrition

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One of the crucial moments of socialisation, fulfilment and development is the shared meal. It becomes even more so for adults with multiple disabilities.

The final technical objective of the Wallace is to develop a technical device that will enable adults with severe multiple disabilities to prepare a meal and receive guests at the table.


The final scientific and methodological objective is to set up an original inclusive design methodology, in which users with severe disabilities are the driving force behind a design for all.

In the first stage of the research described here, the aim is to better define the functional, but also the psycho-sociological, affective and symbolic needs that will build the specifications of this device and to set up a methodological strategy aiming at an original approach of inclusive design.

two people prepare a recipe together

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Clair Bois

Jean-Christophe Pastor

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