An ideation workshop allows participants with and without disabilities to exchange and think together about innovative solutions to meet the needs of people with disabilities.
A first workshop took place in Lucerne, co-organized with the FabLab Luzern.
During this workshop, three specific needs were proposed for discussion:
Home : People with visual disability want to be able to use all household appliances independently.
  • Touch-sensitive household appliances without physical controls are difficult or impossible to use for people with visual disability or blindness.
  • Electronic displays are also sometimes difficult for people with visual disabilities to read because the contrast is not good.
Autonomy, mobility: People with visual disabilities want to be able to orient themselves independently and use buses and tin any city.
  • Numbers on buses/trams or other means of public transport are often not very visible for people with visual disabilities.
  • Each city or region has its own public transport system, which operates differently: Signals, numbering, announcements, schedules, etc.
Leisure, games: People with visual disabilities want to be able to enjoy their leisure time and play video games independently.
  • Navigating computer games is one of the main difficulties encountered by people with visual disabilities.
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