Workshops to collect needs

People with disabilities say what they need.

The Innovation Booster Technology and Special Needs offers workshops to help people identify their needs.

During this workshop, people will be able to reflect on their needs, exchange with other participants and define priorities together. Following this exchange, concrete ideas for innovation can be submitted to the Innovation Booster and give rise to real projects.

The discussions during these workshops will focus on three themes, which the BFEH has identified as priorities for the coming years

  • Equality at work
  • Autonomy
  • Digital accessibility.

Participation in these workshops is free of charge.

All concerned and interested persons are invited to participate in these workshops. Below you will find the dates and locations of the next workshops.

If you would like to organise such a workshop in your association, institution, company, community, etc., please contact us:

  • 077 502 52 03
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