Type of project: Prototype

Disability concerned: Motor disability

Topics: Fashion, Work

Statuts: Completed


The aim of this product is to help our model position her passive arm close to her waist, so that she can use both hands more easily in her daily life.

In everyday life, people with an arm disability have difficulty performing everyday tasks.During a fashion project at HEAD University, we had a model with such a disability. In a fashion project at HEAD University, we had a model with such a disability. We decided to go one step further and create a fashion product that would not only look good on her, but would also support her passive arm. Our model, who we based this product on, has an active and a passive arm. In both hands, she could only move two or three fingers. The purpose of this product is to help her place her passive arm near her waist,

so that she can more easily use both hands in her daily life (e.g. opening a water bottle). Practicality is important to us. That’s why we came up with the idea of designing an accessory for her that gives her the freedom not only to use both hands, but also to have a stylish brace that makes her feel more confident in her independence. We called this project Ifestus, inspired by the Greek god Hephaestus, patron of arts and crafts, but also representative of people with disabilities, as he himself had a mobility problem in the myth, which caused him to be chased off Mount Olympus by Hera.

The aim of the project is to provide a fashionable belt and corset that supports the person’s arm near the waist to improve movement. After much discussion within the team, as well as research, we have created a leather corset and belt that supports the arm in a discreet and fashionable way. The belt is easily tightened by pulling and placing the buckle on the hook. After creating this belt, we found that its purpose was successful, and that our model was satisfied with its function.The only obstacle was sizing the product to better fit the model.


Project Ifestus

Kenny Anastasios Polyzois



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