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Digital directory listing existing services in French-speaking Switzerland for people with an autism spectrum disorder and their relatives.

Disabilities concerned: Autism and Pervasive Developmental Disorders

Topics: Communication, Information

The aim of this project was to create the prototype of an online directory listing existing services and facilities in French-speaking Switzerland to meet the needs of people with an autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and their relatives. The project involved the following phases:

(I) survey of the services desired by people with ASD and their relatives and identification of the necessary information on the providers;

(II) survey of service providers;

(III) development of the prototype of the online directory;

(IV) testing the prototype directory.

On the basis of phases I and II, we have created the prototype of the online directory: To date, and according to the project objectives, this prototype contains at least one provider sheet for each of the eight service categories proposed. The cards contain useful information about the services. Nine people have evaluated this prototype online directory (phase IV). The results indicate general satisfaction with the prototype but also point to areas for improvement, particularly in terms of the attractiveness and modernity of the site design.

We have greatly appreciated the realisation of this project, both thanks to the support offered by the Innovation Booster team, which we warmly thank, and to the collaboration with our partners from the Association autisme suisse romande (ASR). Indeed, being able to exchange with people who interact with people affected by ASD on a daily basis was very beneficial in order to define the service headings and information categories. The evaluation of the prototype indicated that all the testers were satisfied with the proposed headings and the categories of information made available.

Beyond this prototype project, ASR will continue to develop the directory site with external funding. The team will build on the prototype to improve it based on the evaluations received and will contact regional ASD service providers to create their listings in the directory.

Screenshot of the website It says: "A directory of autism resources. HETSL, Haute école de travail social et de la santé Lausanne. Autisme suisse romande."

Contact information

HETSL – Haute Ecole de Travail social et de la santé, Lausanne

Nevena Dimitrova

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