Accessible Stays

A platform that facilitates their planning (Phase 3)

Disability concerned: Motor disability

Topics: Leisure, Tourism

Thousands of people in Switzerland have great difficulty in planning their excursions and holidays because of the lack of suitable tools. The offers of turnkey or group holidays do not meet the expectations of many people with reduced mobility. The platforms for searching for accessible places are not very ergonomic, do not take into account the diversity of situations and motor constraints and are not adapted to be used in a tourist context.

Objective :
To facilitate the planning phase of a stay in Switzerland for people with reduced mobility.

● Facilitation of the planning phase of a stay for people with reduced mobility
● Development of a digital trip planning tool for people with reduced mobility, based on the mobility constraints and personal preferences of users.


● Importance of documenting development stages, methods used and processes.
● Importance of ensuring that documentation is available
We had to recreate the entire documentation for the POI audit and characterisation methodology. Not having anticipated this workload, we exceeded the budgeted work hours for the analysis of the Pro Infirmis database.

Possible next steps

● Fundraising – Benchmarking and applications
● Search for tourism partners (tourist offices, regions)
● Search for scientific partners (Web development, data mining,
access modelling)
● Student projects – Use case, marketing and communication
● Hiring of a new employee
● Test of the business model for commercialisation

We see the prototype of the homepage of a website. There are four sections: "Bootis", "For whom", "Create your profile" and "Plan your trip to Switzerland".



Elodie Auer

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