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Living Lab for Special Needs


Since 2018, the FRHhas been equipped with a powerful tool for collaboration and co-creation, called: Living Lab Handicap (LLH). It is a co-creation and innovation network, a space for exchange bringing together people with disabilities, scientists, companies and all other people interested in collaborating in the field of disability and the co-creation of new innovative solutions.

Founded in collaboration with the HES-SO Valais, the Innovation Centre for Assistive Technologies (IAT -Sierre), with the collaboration of ASA Handicap-Mental (Geneva) and the Fondation pour la Recherche en faveur des personnes en situation de Handicap (FRH Nyon), the Living Lab Handicap aims to create an innovation platform for disability in the broadest sense. It acts as a forum for exchange between different partners on disability-related issues, with the aim of developing new technological solutions and/or services that can help them.

Living Lab Handicap is accredited by the European network of Living Labs.

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Advice on disability ergonomics

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Expertise in products for the field of disability

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Creation of new ideas for disability-related products or services

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Prototype tests by our pool of users with disabilities

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A place for exchange between people with disabilities, scientists, companies and all other people interested in disability

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